Compilation Brass Bands 2004-2005

Time for recollection and celebration !

Who could have thought that it would last 25 years ?

Once upon a time in 1994, a Brass Band from Norway performed for the first time in Amboise. It was the Stavanger BrassBand, and the audience never heard about this kind of  music. The band proved that brass instruments could display virtuosity and sensitivity, on a par with a chamber orchestra..

A that time, France had sadly forgotten about the « fanfares », the ancestor of Brass Band. Indeed, at the Orléans music school, Jean Paul Leroy, a trumpet teacher was the conductor of the only french brass band… The music creation was not in good shape and no music event existed to show what a Brass Band was.

Then, three people resumed their mission in order to spread the word and develop Brass Band in France.

They had absolute faith in their beliefs. They brought back the best practices from our European neighbours and Brass Band competitions and decided to organize THE Brass Band Festival championship in Amboise. By inviting European Brassbands, their main goal was to promote this musical form and to revive French Brass orchestras.

25 years later, we are really happy to note that our event contributed to create a real dynamic in the French Brass Band world : there are more than 50 Brassbands in France and this form of orchestra is now recognized by music schools as a collective practice body.

We are proud to think that Amboise is and will remain for all the brass musicians in Europe the cradle of this revival.

We hope you will be able to celebrate with us our 25th anniversary on June 7th, 8th and 9th 2019. Let’s party together !

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The Contest 2020

The next French Open will be held end of May: Friday 29th – Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st, the Open beeing on Saturday the 30th.